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August 19, 2009

Other people who we might stash away in Gitmo.

1. Vegans
2. People who use the word "bling"
3. Everyone appearing on a reality show broadcast on E!, TLC, or Bravo including any Real Housewife or people with too many children.
4. David Hasselhoff
5. Lazy PhDs
6. Anyone who tells it like it is - it's never quite how they tell it.
7. Women who drive black SUVs
8. Cable news people. (I know I say this all the time but the world would be immediately improved if we drowned them all like an unwanted litter of kittens.)
9. Tweens (They might be productive citizens if we separated them from society now.)
10. Me. (This is easier than putting the rest of you morons there.)


  1. Number 3 for sure!! Except for Kathy Griffin and Heidi Klum. They can stay.

  2. Sorry, Kathy Griffin has to go too. I don't think Heidi in on Bravo anymore though.