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August 18, 2009

10 indications that My Daily List has jumped the shark

1. There's only so many things you can say about hobos, junk food, old movies, and Sarah Palin.
2. Other bloggers show the common decency to quit blogging after a month or so.
3. The first 500 lists were a desperate cry for attention. The second 500 are proving to be just desperate.
4. No longer able to get a surge of readers by writing a list about nerds. (The Boy Who Cried Nerd)
5. Lists now take either 8 hours to write or 5 minutes to slop together.
6. Other list blogs have sold out so listing has lost it's indie edge.
7. Vast readership has abandoned the blog in favor of more entertaining and productive endeavors like picking scabs, sitting at the mall staring at teenage girls, and reforming healthcare.
8. Most of my readers are moms and that is sooo not cool.
9.  This is your brain.  This is your brain on drugs.  This is my brain on lists.
10. Most lists now written by Cousin Oliver.

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