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September 19, 2009

Movies from the 1980s that I probably never need to see again.

1. Breakfast Club
2. Any Police Academy movie
3. 48 Hours
4. Any Nightmare on Elm Street movie
5. Cocktail (ok, I've never actually watched but still . . .)
6. Goonies (sorry those who saw it as kids and love it, it's a bad movie)
7. Break dancing movies
8. Mask (although thanks for helping me learn the meaning of penultimate - it really helped on the ACT.)
9. Princess Bride (I'm only listing this to get the ladies riled up.)
10. Scarface (it's not as good as you think.)


  1. I'm with you on every one EXCEPT for the Breakfast Club, it's just a part of my freakin DNA at this point. I'd like to add anything related to Crocodile Dundee

  2. Sorry *cringing* I don't like Dirty Dancing.

  3. You NEED to watch Cocktail before you list it.
    Why you ask ?? Well, one it will knock the Breakfast Club right off the top of the chart and two..two..hmmmmm..AND TWO !..uhhhhh...ok..it will make you jump up and down on a couch...yeah..thats it.

  4. I actually like The Breakfast Club, I just never need to see it again. I saw it on the big screen when I was about 19 so whether it's because I've changed since then or the millions of times a poorly dubbed 8 hour version has bored me on basic cable, I'm not sure.

    Zoe, my wife was watching Dirty Dancing in bed last night so I've seen the last half within the last 12 hours. The climactic dance scene was just as bad as I remember it (I really like dancing movies, just not bad ones.) I particularly enjoyed the father moment of admitting he was wrong. "I heard that you didn't knock up that other girl so go ahead and work through the Kama Sutra with my teenage daughter.

    King, I just can't watch Cocktail. When a group of Hollywood douches gather in a room and decide that flare bartending is a good plot device you have to avoid the result so that they'll stop making movies like this. If not, the terrorists win (because Hollywood douches are culture terrorists.)

  5. LOL @ your opinion of 'Cocktail'. I still like the movie, even if you are correct!

    So agree with you about 'Scarface'. Still don't get or like it. Way overrated.

  6. Can't stand Dirty Dancing. Mostly because "Baby's" nose was too distracting.