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October 29, 2009

5 reasons that My Daily List hasn't been daily for a few days.

1. I ate a 5 pound bag of sugar and I've been in a coma.
2. I've been inconsolable since Louie Vito got kicked off Dancing With Stars. He should have gotten bonus points for having died in 1892. Wait, he's a snowboarder? I thought he was a 19th century French clothing designer.
3. I was walking a picket line until I spoke to my Bloggers Local 120 union steward and discovered that I don't belong to a union and that my union steward is really just a guy who walks his dog down my street every morning.
4. Middle managers have to deal with the idiots below them, the idiots above them, and the idiots standing next to them.
5. This woman keeps staring at me.


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