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November 18, 2009

5 reasons you are lowering the national IQ

1. Led Zepplin, The Doors, and Pearl Jam are considered popular "classic" rock bands.
2. Fox News viewers represent approximately 0.0068% of our population but they are confused and believe that they are a majority feel because fewer idiots watch MSNBC and CNN. (Numbers provided by a a laudatory Hollywood Reporter article and the Marxist US Census Bureau.)
3. Reality show producers convince millions that families like the Kardashians, people who sell houses, bakers, people who have digital cameras (currently known as ghost hunters), and mothers who exploit their children lead interesting lives filled with wacky adventures and fabulous adventures.
4. Whitney Houston, Brittany Spears, Mariah Carey continue to have come back. (Kudos for finally wising up about Madonna.)
5. Clothing stores are filled with distressed clothes which, although full-priced, are worn thin, frayed and filled with holes.

1 comment:

  1. How dare you say Led Zepplin and Pearl Jam lower IQ scores! Dont get mad cause you are just OLD!