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November 17, 2009

8 great enemy hordes

1. Nazis
2. Zombies
3. Orcs
4. Ninjas
5. Romulans
6. Aliens
7. Apes, a planet full of them
8. Commies


  1. Can I include Velociraptors and In-Laws, (if that isn't too redundant.)

  2. I don't think that Orcs should be in the list.

  3. The goal of My Daily List has always been to avoid definite or best/worst list since those are really dorky/nerdy/misinformed. I just list without the goal of completion - sometimes I even leave obvious blanks so others can comment.

    Now, I wish to add Harryhausen Skeletons.

  4. Oh, great add on the Harryhausen Skeletons, but instead of Orcs, I would have been a bit more specific with Uruk-hai. And have to agree with Tony about the K word (sorry, didn't want to offend your politically correct sensibilities).