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January 28, 2009

8 steps to a tasty steak dinner

1. Keep it simple with the seasoning: salt, pepper, and a little oil
2. Let the steak reach room temperature before you cook it.
3. Use a cast iron or stainless steel pan - if you only have a non-stick pan, order a pizza
4. Put the steak in a hot, lightly oiled pan and leave it alone. Don't poke it, look under it, flip it. If you can't control yourself, leave the room.
5. Wait until the top of the steak is pooled with juices and the sides of the steak start to look cooked. At that point, the bottom of the steak should be nicely seared. Flip it ONCE.
6. Put the pan in a preheated 400 degree oven. Depending upon the thickness and size of the steak it should take about 5-6 minutes until you flip and another 5-6 minutes in the oven.
7. Poke the steak with your finger to see if it's done - don't cut into it to check for doneness
8. Take the steak out of the pan, put it on a plate, and leave it alone for another five minutes. Walk away if you must since the steak is ruined if you skip this step.

Poke-o-meter - what to look for when you poke your steak

If it feels like poking grandma's stomach - it's still raw inside.
If it feels like poking grandma's nose - it's medium, time to take it out of the oven
If it feels like grandma's crusty old toes - it's well-done, you're better off putting her toes in your mouth than the steak.

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