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February 16, 2009

5 indications that you might be living a chick flick

1. You're living your dream life in the big city but secretly longing for 10 years to pass so that you can return home for your high school reunion and be convinced by an old girlfriend that your dream life actually involves wrinkle-free khakis and chocolate labs.
2. You and your roomie sing catchy old songs that people have mostly forgotten using hairbrushes as pretend microphones.
3. You need to be in a city that's four hours away but, try as you might, the drive takes three days and you arrive with one of your car doors and the front bumper having fallen off along the way.
4. No matter how many times you call the police, Matthew McConaughey won't put his shirt on.
5. Even though it would make everything much more interesting, there is 0% chance that you'll see any boobs.

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