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February 11, 2009

The best and worst guest stars on Scrubs

1. Thomas Cavanaugh
2. Brendan Fraser
3. Michael Learned
4. Dave Foley
5. Glynn Thurman (He was in this season's "My Last Words" and should win this year's Emmy for guest actor in a comedy series.

1. Keri Russell
2. Courtney Cox
3. Tara Reid
4. Rick Schroeder
5. Michael J. Fox


  1. I thought Michael J. Fox was a great guest star.

    Wasn't Grover on this year? Or hasn't that aired yet. He should definitely be on the "best" list.

  2. I debated MJF. I was looking for a substantial guest star rather than a walk on. While I think his storyline was really good, his health has limited his skill (I like him a lot so this is an observation rather than an attack.) I will rescind his inclusion if you can give me another candidate that I could agree to.

    The muppet episode has aired and I didn't think of them if only because Glynn Thurman was so strong that he's a hightlight for not only this season but the whole series. I might add a muppet but then I'd have to add another worst to balance out. It wouldn't be Grover though since Elmo stole the show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtEnY6AB8Bw

  3. Oh, man. I can't even remember any other guest stars. I only watch "Scrubs" in reruns when I can sneak them in between the twins' shows.

  4. For my money, Ricky Schroeder goes right to No. 1--he just projects "creepy". I'd have added Matthew Perry just because he sleep walks through the entire episode--and it wasn't a particularly interesting storyline. But where I really have to disagree is with Tara Reid. I know no one can stand her (including, apparently, the cast of Scrubs), but I thought she was hilarious, especially after they started playing off her real-life persona. I really got a kick out of her playing--well basically herself. And yeah--I dislike "herself" a lot--but it was pretty funny as a character.

    On the top 5? Heather Graham jump started her whole career as Molly--got to show her a little love on this one.