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April 22, 2009

10 follow-ups to ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

1. Recycling With the Stars - Ed Begley Jr. sorts paper, plastics, and glass
2. Erratic Mumbling With the Stars - Gary Busey discusses current events with a coat rack
3. Botoxing With the Stars - Bruce Jenner, Kenny Rogers, Priscilla Presley Mickey Roarke, Lisa Rinna, Cher. The last one who can still blink wins.
4. Twittering With the Stars - Barbara Walters, Andy Rooney, and Larry King. The first one to turn on the PC wins.
5. Staggering With the Stars - the cast of Lost doing field intoxication tests week in and week out.
6. Catterwalling With the Stars - Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Madonna. They sing, we all lose.
7. Shutting-up With the Stars - Jeanine Garafalo, Chuck Norris, Alec Baldwin, and Patricia Heaton. The first one to remain silent for 30 seconds once a microphone has been pointed in their general direction wins.
8. Adopting With the Stars - America's biggest stars try to unseat existing champion Mia Farrow.
9. Chicken-dancing With the Stars - just like the current show but at a wedding.
10. Dieting With the Stars - Valerie Bertinelli become socially acceptable with the help of Photoshop.


  1. I think I saw the Erratic Mumbling but it was called Celebrety Rehab...and I think it was a tie between Gary and Jeff Conway.

    Love the list! First time to your blog and I love it!

  2. LOL...thanks for the laugh...a perfect way to end a stressful day. The Gary Busey/coat rack one is priceless...ha...and so easily visualized! :P

  3. Awesome list. The Ed Begley one made me LOL.

  4. Heather: I've never watched Rehab, except what shows up on The Soup. If it's all erratic mumbling then I might need to TIVO it. (By the way, visit again but remember I reserve the right to suck.)

    Valerie: I actually was staring at Busey's picture as I was trying to decide which inanimate object might attract him. He is a mess of piano key teeth and crazy eyes that rest on different planes.

    Old Man: Thanks. Begley is sort of cool for all of his weirdness. I like to watch his tips for living on my large screen TV with the air conditioner running while I have the windows open.

  5. All good ones, but for me #4 wins. Ha!

  6. JT: I love that we are barraged with old people telling us what Twitter is. I think we should pass a law that you can't tweat while driving your horse-drawn carriage.