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April 23, 2009

My day in questions.

1. What's that smell?
2. Do these clothes match?
3. Is it these clothes that smell?
4. Is this job worth it?
5. How can someone be so incompetent?
6. Do I want another piece of pie?
7. Is it time to go home yet?
8. How about now?
9. What's wrong with my dog's penis now?
10. Is is possible to write a list after a mind numbing day?


  1. I hope number 9 doesn't come up every day.

  2. JT: It was pie. It is now pie time (what other's call lunch.)

    Brianne: Not everyday but, unfortunately, usually on holidays or at night so it's a double-cost emergency room visit. Reference #19 on this list http://mydailylist.blogspot.com/2009/01/25-random-facts-about-me-some-of-which.html

  3. Are these questions yuo ask in your mind? And if so, will there be another list of answers?
    I'm trying, trying, trying not to visualise number 9.

  4. Husbands: I'm completely comfortable going through life mumbling to myself but that same trait often makes it difficult to know if I'm speaking out loud or thinking to myself.

    This time #9 is just an infection but past #9s have been ungodly.