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April 16, 2009

5 differences between pancakes and teabaggers.

1. One is sweet and the other is sour grapes.
2. One's goal is to stick to your ribs and the other's goal is to stick it to the man.
3. One can come with or without blueberries and the other can come with or without intellect.
4. One can be ordered by the stack and the other can be ordered by Fox News.
5. One is quintessentially American and the other is calling for armed revolution against our government.


  1. Haha...Love it!

    Here's a Texas version:
    One is delicious and the other wants to secede from the union.

  2. Tina: Secessionists were another idea last night but I could only come up with two list points. 1. That we need to begin staging troops in Oklahoma and 2. That all Six Flags need to be quickly rebranded Seven Flags.

  3. Me-me: blueberries are the most seditious of our native fruits.

  4. I don't know how I missed this. Glad I went back through the lists. I have a feeling that Fox could order the teabaggers in stacks, but I don't want to picture that.