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April 18, 2009

9 symptoms of tequila poisoning

1. Blurred vision
2. Slurred speech
3. Refried bean bloat
4. Topsy turvy brain
5. Salsafication
6. The stumbles
7. Spontaneous sing-alongs
8. Premature bed head
9. Random truthfulness

Bonus #10 symptom


  1. #3 doesn't sound pleasant either for the person experiencing the poison symptoms or for the people around them.

  2. I met my wife while on a six-month tequila bender in the eighties, averaging a bottle a night. Those were giddy, blurry times!
    But you could add 10b: Proposing to a woman on a nightclub flier just after you have met her. Using your eyeliner to write with.
    Craaaaaazy times.

  3. Sorrrry, I'mmm unnnabbbble to rrrread ttthhhiss....

  4. Spontaneous Nakiditty. I think thats a sign too.

  5. Jeff: dangerous but delicious

    Husbands: Wow. I don't have a comment, just wow.

    Me-me: you just need a drink to settle yourself.

    Michael: I think that is a symptom of junvenile tequila poisoning but I have the adult onset version.

    Mary: they say the first step is to admit you have a problem but remember the other steps: lick the salt and bite the lime.