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April 29, 2009

In addition to "Milk The Devil", 8 Black Sabbath albums you may not know.

1. Bats For Breakfast
2. Amtrak Of The Damned
3. Look At Me, I'm A Werewolf. Arrrwoooooo!
4. Black Sabbath At The Grand Ol' Opry (this was their final album before Ozzy Osborne replaced Buck Owens.)
5. sdrawkcaB eM yalP
6. Black Nail Polish #5
7. Bong Songs
8. The Really Long Guitar Solo Collection


  1. Anmtrak of the Dead - man, do I have a story.

  2. Me Me: That story would likley make a great screenplay if it involves zombies and not hours and hours of waiting motionless on the tracks. What do you think? I debated using Amtrak of the Damned or Coo Coo for Coco Train. Did I pick well?