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April 7, 2009

Mydailylist Quiz: Are you a 19th century British author or a 21st century starlet?

1. If you are feeling the weight of the world bearing down on you like the dark fist of an angry god, you would:
a. slowly walk from the craggy shore into the cold waters of North Atlantic until the waves pull you into their frozen embrace.
b. shave your head and attack a car with an umbrella.

2. The price of your genius is:
a. the tuberculosis that ravages your body and draws your intellect inexorably inward, trapping it like a brilliantly feathered bird in a lonely cage.
b. people who want to take your picture.

3. Your greatest humiliation rests in the hands of:
a. jealous critics who would see your reputation burned on a pyre of half-truths if those ashes might somehow burnish their own tarnished reputations.
b. photographers who got a picture of your bajingo that night you didn’t wear panties.

4. The only way to quiet your demons:
a. is within the clutches of that dread agent of your greatest pain and ecstasy: opium.
b. is cocaine and vodka

5. Future generations will remember you:
a. from the brutal honesty of your words depicting the joy, the pain, and the humanity you experienced during your all too brief time on Earth.
b. . . . . not so much. Maybe from your bajingo pictures.


  1. 'bajingo'?
    heh heh.
    Very sad, but very true. 'celebrity'- uuuurggh

  2. husbands: Do you get the TV program "Scrubs" way down south? If not, bajingo and vajayjay are euphamisms they've popularized here in the States - ah, could I have just come up with today's list?