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May 5, 2009

10 names of good dogs who were gentle loving pups until they were provoked into mauling someone.

1. Chompers
2. Bitey
3. Cop Killer
4. The Mangler
5. Jaws
6. Alec Baldwin
7. T. J. McLacerations
8. Satan
9. Fangenstein

10. Pickles


  1. Ooh! A kid takes his teacher a present. The box is leaking slightly... Teacher licks her fingers, and says, Mmmm! Tastes like pickles! Kid says: Funny, that's what the pet shop owner said too.
    badda bing!

  2. Well, that cute little Satan had a lot of pressure on him, didn't he?

  3. husbands: an excellent variation on "that's what she said"

    Jerry: I should dedicate this entry to Chompers. Chompers was a sweet and gentle bull dog until the police knocked on the door. Then he ends up with a bullet in his head and all because he attacked a cop. If only the cop had known he was a good dog and let him chomp on his arm until the owner told him "no!"

  4. That's why we named our pitt bull Fluffy, so far all it does is confuse people when they go to give him a cuddle and he sinks his fangs in a leg. But hey, we tried! Another slice of cake for you!