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May 6, 2009

My Daily List Quiz: Do marketing firms think you have a small penis?

Review the products you have either purchased or considered purchasing in the past 12 months. How many of the following words were associated with the marketing or branding of those products?

Harley Davidson
Male Enhancement *
Bad (bad to the bone, so bad it's good, etc.)

Score one point for each associated word or two points for each word with an asterisk.

0 - your penis is just fine
1-3 - you have a small penis
4-7 - you have a small penis
7-10 - you have a small penis


  1. I guess the old joke is true:

    Q: What's white and six inches long?
    A: Nothing.

  2. I confess to two Magnums and one Xtreme. Plus a Schlongnormous and a magic cure for anal fungus.

  3. Jerry: If you're going to measure in inches, how can anyone measure up. This is the primary reason we considered the metric system in the 70s - cause centimeters sound so much larger.

    DDyer: I'm trying to make some humorous comment about anal fungus and Rush Limbaugh but I think the two are too similar to demonstrate any irony.

  4. I have condoms labeled as "large." I was glad to see this adjective was not on the list. So my penis is fine! Whew.