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May 7, 2009

10 of the dozens of May magazine articles in which Jennifer Aniston discusses life without Brad Pitt.

1. Car and Driver - "How Brad Pitt Drove Jen to Heartbreak"
2. Action Pursuit Games - "Jen Chases Down Happiness in a World Without Brad"
3. Analog Science Fiction and Fact - "Jennifer Exposes Her Inner Trekkie and Discusses Living Life Alone" (includes semi-nude Photoshoped pictorial, with pointy ears.)
4. Celebrity Hairstyles - "Washed That Man Right Out of Her Hair: Jen Talks Heartache"
5. Every Day With Rachael Raye - "Jennifer's Ten Low-Fat Break-Up Comfort Foods"
6. The Comics Journal - "Wonder Woman: Jen Talks Alternate Time-Lines In Which She's Still Married to Brad"
7. The Hockey News - "Hat Trick!! (Semi-nude Photoshopped picture with hat) Plus, Jen Talks Loneliness"
8. American Girl Magazine - "She's a Living Doll Living Life On Her Own"
9. Architectural Digest - "Built Like a Brick #$%house. And She's Available Fellas"
10. Crochet World - "What's Needling Jen? Her Love Life Is In Knots"


  1. My favorites are the wonder woman alt time lines, crochett world, analog science fiction; Trust me, if Jen read this list she would see how absurd she is still being over Brad and would go on to another obssessive compulsive loop talk subject. Good One!!! The cakes in the mail....

  2. Surveygirl: I would have thought your screen name would have been gerbil related (that's not meant as a joke people of the world, I'm just used to a gerbil avatar in other contexts.)

    I fully support mailed cake. Attention people of the Internet: if you enjoy my blog send me cake. And real cake too, no toilet cakes.

  3. "What's Needling..." LOL, nice.

    The thing I don't get about this "fued" (or any, for that matter) is why some people feel the need to take sides in it, as though they were one or the other's publicist. The celebrity-obsession is weirder than the celebrities themselves.

  4. Well surveygirl46 is a mix up from the blog and google but R. Gere was already taken obviously and Fluffy was too obvious