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May 10, 2009

5 mothers who didn't get a card today.

1. Pamela Sue Voorhees
2. Dena Lohan
3. The Nostromo's computer
4. John Shaft - shut yo' mouth
5. Bechamel - it's a cooking thing


  1. Bechamel - a mother sauce. I totally got it.

  2. had to look up the one's i couldn't figure out.
    hard to type when you are laughing...

  3. It's "Dina" Lohan.I hate that I know that.

    But good call. She probably did get to share a line of the bad stuff with her daughters in the bathroom of a run-down strip club in Atlantic City.

    Mother-daughter bonding is so sweet.

  4. Love No.4
    And I think I got No.5- but even if I didn't, I laughed anyway, because what could be funnier than a word like 'bechamel'?

  5. nostromo's computer- had to google that

  6. DDyer: front of the class for you.

    JT: It's Louis Farrakhan's birthday. To celebrate this we traditionally send cards to our mothers.

    BunnyGrace: thanks for stopping by on a day in which the list only sorta sucked.

    Starcasm: Dina/Dena - you say tomato I say skanky.

    Husbands: I agree. I was going to list Espangol sauce but bechamel is funnier.

    madbadcat: I'm still a bit scarred (and scared) from my first R-rated movie, Alien, so mother will always be hiding in my mind somewhere along with a John Hurt spitting up milk and gurgling.