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May 19, 2009

The American Idol producers chose "No Bounderies" for the finale but Kara DioGuardi wrote 9 other songs that didn't quite work.

1. Give Me Mountains And I'll Climb To The Stars
2. You're My Angel (Can You See My House From Up There?)
3. I Am My Miracle
4. A Unicorn Is Just A Horse With A Dream
5. This Moment Is The First Day Of My Everything
6. Right Now Has Been My Today
7. Don't Wake Me From This Sleep Walk Of Dreams Come True
8. Soaring On The Wings Of Flying High
9. I'm Dreaming The Dream That Dreams of Dreaming the Impossible Dream of Dreams


  1. Don't forget the classic...

    "My Life was a Hurricane until Your Love Poked me in the Eye"

  2. Hilarious! I won't be able to keep food down today.
    For your consideration:
    "Cradled in the Wings of Butterfly Kittens"
    "Pink Polka-Dotted Love Kisses"

  3. Earl: I do remember that song. I sing it to myself whenever my boss yells at me. It makes me feel fierce.

    DDyer: If I can cause just one reader to vomit, I've done my job. You are the wind beneath my butterfly kitten wings.

  4. It is worth noting that it was hard to come up with DioGaurdi level song titles since even the most outrageous attempts still sounded perfectly normal. I had to find hyper-outrageous title and still, I could see some of these actually used.

    Also, how can you top, "This Is My Now" which was the title of the song the year Jordan Sparks won. I'm sure when she looks back on that glorious moment she'll think "that was my then."

  5. Hilarious, because it's so close to the truth. All of these schmaltzy finale songs are like the worst of high-school commencement speeches.

    It seems that the consensus is that this song was the tie-breaker last night, and Adam ran away with it. That means Kris will lose AI, but Adam will be stuck with that sappy song as his single. Heh.

  6. So good. I'll even bet she has a few of those ideas in her notebook.

    Here are a few more:

    Love Me Even Though I'm Annoying
    Life Is A Castle In Cloud City
    Air Kisses From An Angel Of Everlasing Love
    Everything I Do I Do For Simon's Approval

  7. There is also the country song; Why'd You Condemn My Castle In Cloud City (The Break-up Song)

  8. JT: My wife made a good point. It seems that they provided a song that was scored just right for the person they want to win and much too high for the other guy who wasn't supposed to be there.

  9. Absolutely hilarious!
    We don't watch Idol very often, and when Adam started singing this song, my wife and I said WTF is this? Then when the truly disturbing Kara said she co-wrote it, our only response was, "It took three people to write this drek?"