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May 26, 2009

Having read this year's Summer Fun Guide to local events, 8 reasons I should consider moving to a more interestng town.

1. City-Wide Prostate Screening - June 2nd and 4th
2. 19th Century Clothing Workshops - June 5 - 7
3. Celebration of Life Cancer Survivor's Picnic - June 14
4. Central Illinois Daylily Show - June 27
5. Hats Off To Agriculture - July 11
6. NHPA World Horseshoe Tournament - July 27 - Aug. 8 (wait, that might be cool if you're into that sorta thing.)
7. Hummingbird Festival - Aug. 8
8. Soil and Compost Lecture - Aug. 22


  1. Man ... that list is as fun as self love with a hand ful of razor blades ...

  2. I'd go to the soil and compost lecture, but they' have to talk about worms. Worms are very, very interesting. And they are hermaphrodites, which is about as interesting as it gets. Yay, wooooorms!

  3. And here I felt bad about my small town... ouch

  4. It seems to me that if you combine #1 & #7, you could come up with a pretty good festival.

  5. I'm so glad they added a second date for prostate screenings. Hoboken is having their prostate screening on the 2nd and I really didn't want to have to choose.

  6. BigMark: We do that too, during the Puritan's Daze Festival. It's part of Sinner's Alley.

    Husbands: So in the worm world, everything qualifies as hot worm-on-worm action, even when they're alone? That is hot.

    Nipsy: To be fair, these are actual events but I left out the good ones. Still, most are educational.

    Earl: Maybe we should postpone #1 until this fall's Gerbil Festival?

    DDyer: It is a city-wide event. I think the first date is for volunteers and the second date is if they need to get rough.

  7. With so many exciting and thrilling things going on, why would you want to leave? A prostate screening and hummingbird festival all in one summer? Crazy!!

  8. Wait...I'm reading your list and notice Central Illinois. I lived in Central Illinois for a year. It was so laid back and so depressing. Seriously, being surrounded by nothing but flat land was just dreary!

  9. Liggy: I live in the interesting part of central Illinois. Plus, I'm laid back and depressing so I fit pretty well.