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June 7, 2009

26 single entendres from Smilin' Bob of the Enzyte commercial

1. Bob continues to enjoy the big lift he gets from Enzyte
2. An offer this big . . .
3. (Visual) pushing a wheelbarrow with a 8 foot log
4. (Visual) a lady elf holding the North Pole.
5. Rumors going around about this chubby Santa
6. Santa needed some more room in his sled
7. A sleigh full of confidence and a sack full of pride
8. Ladies like the gift that keeps on giving
9. Yes, with things heating up on the old North Pole
10. (Visual) Japanese businessmen noticing LARGE shoes at the door.
11. Japanese businessmen negotiating business with Bob, “He is wood that will not bend.”
12. Continued negotiation, “He will not bend.”
13. Continued negotiation, “You are a stiff negotiator.”
14. (Visual) Bob accepts their offer by holding his arm out to toast with sake.
15. While skiing, Bob needs a lift.
16. By the pool, “Bob is livin’ large.”
17. In a few weeks, “he has a big spring of confidence.”
18. Also, “a generous swelling of pride.”
19. After a few weeks he has, “a uplifting measure of pride.”
20. (Visual) Bowling shoe guy sticking his finger in a bowling ball hole.
21. (Visual) Bob’s bowling shoes are enormous.
22. While playing poker, Bob has been dealt more than a full house of confidence.
23. When the stakes are this high, there’s some things you can’t bluff.
24. At the hardware store, Bob is learning a little about working with wood.
25. Rules: #1 the quality of wood is important, #2 there is a proper tool for every project, #3 working with wood can be both fun and rewarding.
26. The wonders of wood are brought to you by Enzyte

This idea came from MTEfun


  1. I thought that I was the only one that got #5!!

  2. Mrs. Bob is one lucky woman - yeow!

  3. Those ads are very ridiculous. When I was young, they could not even leave a naked manikin in a window over night. They had to put a sheet over it. Viagra ads are running amuk. 18 hour bras now can last 24 hours. I can even wear my white shorts when "I get my visitor" each month with miracle inserts.
    By the way, do you think it would be important for me to understand #5?

  4. Ah, Mother. If this were The Wizard of Oz, you'd be my Scarecrow 'cause I'd miss you most of all.

  5. Hey! The scarecrow lacked a brain...

  6. No no, at the end when he was missed he had a brain.

  7. All right then, I will take your list off of my sh-- list.