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June 14, 2009

Local rednecks, you're always saying git 'er done (it's so funny too.) Here are 5 things that you might get done.

1. Your GED.
2. Your roots.
3. The restoration of that "classic" Camaro sitting in your front yard.
4. Your teeth.
5. Your haircut (so far you've only cut the top.)


  1. You know, I saw a report on ABC showing a lady walking the legendary 6 miles to get her GED ... with all that working against them as well as crap facilities, it is little wonder that they become discouraged with school.

    I am just saying ... just saying ...

  2. Did you accidently attend a monster truck rally or a Walmart? Did you have a run-in with some rednecks this weekend?

  3. Unfortunately, "My cousin" is too often on the Rednecks' git-er-done lists.

  4. Me-Me: I don't speak enough redneck to know but there must be a redneck 'right on'

    BigMark: I work in education and work with a lot of people like you've describe. Still, I rarely work with rednecks. They tend to know everything they need to know already.

    Amber: The list was inspired as I drove home from work on Friday. I was behind some guy with a giant Confederate flag who launched what must have been a cup of spit while he sat there.

    Ungirdled: Your "cousin"?

    Jeff: The mullet includes my Doctor friends too. They're so rebellious once they get tenure.

  5. I once had a mullet (back in the 80s). Does that mean I'm a reformed redneck?

  6. Skip: I don't think 80s era rednecks had mullets. I think they were more into the ducktail or the Conway Twitty back then. The #1 rule of redneck hair is to keep your hair exactly as it was on the day you dropped out of high school.