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August 4, 2009

My life (my life) would not suck (would not suck) without you.

1. Comcast Cable
2. Politicians
3. Richard Marx
4. Tie-dyed shirts
5. Unnecessarily fat people (chunky is fine, big-boned is fine, but stop at 14 trips to the buffet already, you can't even walk.)
6. "Experts"
7. Drama queens - men and women
8. Paula Abdul - oops, never mind
9. Anyone who waits until August and then think "hey, I oughts ta go back ta school."
10. Daily List


  1. buahahahahahahhahahaha aaaahahahahahahahha *pause* aaaahahahahahahaha @ that title. You even added the background vocals. But for the record, I like tie dye.

  2. Earl: I even sicken myself when I'm the expert.

    Delaney: Sorry, tie-dye is like a rappin' grandma - only other grandma's think it's cool. Based upon your blog, you're WAY to cool for tie-dye.