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August 5, 2009

sugar is to sweet as Dead Head is to . . .

1. Entering third decade of living in parents' house.
2. Needs a bath, haircut, shave.
3. Isn't sure where they left their van.
4. Has desperately searched for meaning in other jam bands since 8/9/95.
5. Staring at what might be a fly on the ceiling . . .wait, no just a shadow. Still, that's a pretty cool shadow 'cause it looks just like a fly.
6. Making pancakes.
7. Thinking about going back to school (where sleeping late and accomplishing nothing is an acceptable lifestyle.)
8. Trying to get the band together tonight.
9. Sitting in a job interview explaining that dreads have antecedents in island culture and are not the result of not shampooing.
10. Truckin' (for what that's worth.)

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