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June 5, 2009

5 sounds I'd prefer my body not make.

1. My right shoulder snaps like a large stick has been broken.
2. My knees sound like broken glass and sand when I squat.
3. My nose snores loud enough to wake me.
4. My guts gurgle from too many bean-based dinners (nope, not a vegan just like my beans.)
5. My mouth insists on saying stupid things.


  1. I enjoy long walks on bread crums.

    Ugh, there's goes my mouth saying stupid things.

    "Chris is Starving!"

  2. You have just described everyone who lives here at
    "Boca Del Vista", especially me.

  3. In bed I'd prefer my body not scream out, "Oh Darlene!" My wife's name is Maria. I'm here all week folks.

  4. My left knee plays "Ode to Joy" if I cross it over my right leg. Weird.

  5. That is wild, seeing someone wake themselves up from snoring ... I hate when my body makes the sound that sounds like, 'please, just take my wallet and don't shoot ... but if you do, shoot the girl ..!'

  6. ...in number 4, as long as it's just noise and no accompanying scents, I don't think anyone around you would mind. LOL!